Biologicals s.r.o.
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consultancy (including business consultancy) in molecular biology and genetic engineering; contract research & development;  design, final development and on-site implementation of diagnostic kits and laboratory protocols
The company is able to solve demanding research tasks e.g. in the field of development of new DNA based diagnostics independently or in co-operation with our partners in private or academic sphere. Among the most important recent contracts  belong molecular and biochemical characterization of the production yeast strain for Biocel Paskov a.s. and design and development of the DNA diagnostic kit for determination of  oral bacterial pathogens. Extended version of this diagnostic kit is registered and used now by GenTrend s.r.o. under the commercial name VariOr-Dento. Biologicals s.r.o. intensively co-operates with Forensic DNA service s.r.o. on development of new tools for forensic genetic identification and for identification and classification of biological agens. This research was supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. Biologicals s.r.o. is also a leading company in a field of development and application of DNA-based analytical methods for investigation of historical specimens. We specialize namely in investigation of microbiomes and microbial pathogens in dental calculus and human and animal bone remains.

GenTrend s.r.o. - research and development in a field of diagnostics of human periodontal pathogens
Biocel Paskov a.s. - molecular and biochemical characterization of the production yeast strain
Forensic DNA service - development of new methods for isolation and genotyping of degraded human DNA
Ministry of Defence CR - project: new technologies for identification and classification of biologicals agens
Institute of Archaeology of Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, CR - Dr. Jan Frolik

distribution of your special products for molecular biology, genomics and proteomics
Our good knowledge of the private biotechnology sphere as well as of research academic and university institutions in Czech Republic helps us to offer your high-tech products more directly to the dedicated customer.

help  in organization of your conference, meeting or workshop in Czech Republic
Our biology educated and enthusiastic graphic designers will make preparation of your flyers, posters and abstract books fast and easy. Our brand-new modular registration web-site including 3D-SECURE credit card payment system will encourage delegates and will streamline their registration process. Try it!

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